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Answered: How To Name A Blog and Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to how to name a blog (Post, Page, or any content that engages with your readers directly). You must be careful not to sound boring or unrelated to what they search.

Search Engines and Social Media Sites are good indicators to gauge engaging content from non-engaging ones from all the shares, likes, and re-post counts. Search engines will take into consideration your social engagement metrics and will actually help you rank your blog content on their search engines. You can actually rank highly in the search engines using your original content and a few of these affordable SEO services.

Using a way to attract people to click on your content and wanting to read it is the basic way on how to name a blog and it has to do with how you are using cool blog names for your content. You can read This Post for more information about cool blog names. If you are looking for good ways on how to name a blog or the domain itself (URL) check this post about good blog names.

There is a method for how to name a blog post, a web page or any social media content that you post on social media (FB, Twitter, Blog spot, Blogger, and many others) All successful blogs have one thing in common. They avoid the mistakes listed below when interacting with comments submitted by their readers.


How to name a blog and mistakes to avoid...Learn more here:


Here are three mistakes to avoid when responding to comments posted on your blog.

1. The first mistake that were going to discuss is one that actually happens quite often with bloggers and content writers. They sometimes make the mistake of only posting on comments where question is asked and being aloof and professional.

The goal of every blog or any content you publish online is to develop a relationship with these readers and that means interacting with them on a more personal level. You want the readers to think of you as a friend and advisor not as some faceless blogger so make sure that you interact that way.

2. Another thing that you want to be sure that you do is avoid controversial subjects. Even if other people in your comment thread are discussing politics or religion, and you feel as if you should weigh in, don’t.

No matter what you believe or don’t believe, as the blogger and a content marketer, you want to be completely neutral on controversial subjects like politics and religion. However, keep in mind that’s only for the comments section. You can use politics or a controversial subject to create a blog post to attract traffic. But just a out of the arguments and discussions in the comments.

3. Finally, never lose your temper. You don’t have to be always professional but you can be friendly and playful, just make sure that you don’t get angry at someone even if they are disparaging you or your blog, especially if they are just trolling. Losing your cool takes away your expertise. You could simply delete the comments of those cyber bullies or ban them from writing your blog. It’s important to mentions that your actual blog name itself plays a major part in this plot as it can stick in their head at first sight, learn more about it in this post.

People are reading your online published content because they believe you to be an expert in a certain field. When you lose your temper, even though it has nothing to do with your expertise, people still judge you based upon that.

Also, if you make an error in your blog like a factual error don’t be afraid to make a comment and retracted and apologized for it. Your readers will respect you for that.

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In the end, writing professional and engaging content usually requires a digital content manger, learn more about the skills every digital content managers must have here.

Here you go, How To Name A Blog wasn’t that hard after all.

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Answered: How To Name A Blog and Mistakes to Avoid
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  • Jameel Sing

    Is it okay if I use an expired aged domain to gain some SEO benefits done by the previous owner?

    • Editorial Staff

      Not necessary a good thing, some expired domains could have potential dangers, like being dropped from Google or used previously for different purposes than what you intent your website’s niche. It’s always a good idea to check on Google for some traces of the domain in question by just typing the domain name in the search box


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