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If you want to sell your products online as soon as possible, the most beneficial decision for you is to start making a website with a proven and tested e-commerce solution coupled with a sound digital marketing strategy.

Proven to convert higher than others backed by data driven research, our e-commerce stores convert at a higher rate compared to other e-commerce solutions if they receive the exact same amount of traffic.

Our extensive testing and deep understanding of online buyers behaviour, allowed us to know what simply works and what doesn’t

At least 40% of online stores are based on SaaS ecommerce solutions, and 90% of all the stores use at least some form of a SaaS service. By using SaaS, you do not need to buy expensive software. and there is no coding experience required. You get a whole set of functionalities with the ability to get the perfect store, specifically crafted for your needs. Our e-commerce solutions provide an easy way to connect to a single database that will hold all your products information with multiple Content Deliery Centers so that your e-commerce store remains fast and reliable.

You will always be able to enjoy working on your ecommerce store by accessing your platform from any device imaginable without additional software installations.

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We Use The Fastest Servers,
The Most Secure Platforms,
The Best Web Practices,
To Deliver The Best User Experience.

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E-commerce follows the same basic principles as traditional commerce that is, buyers and sellers come together to exchange commodities for money. But rather than conducting business in the traditional way in shopping stores or through mail order catalogs and telephone operators. In e-commerce, buyers and sellers transact business over the Internet.

We offer a suite of SaaS e-commerce solutions that are designed to quickly put you in business and taking payments for orders in no time, 100% Done for You. You can find more about our services here.

Parts of our e-commerce solutions are developed using Ruby on Rails, a platform that is tried and tested, and well known for its reliability and stability

  • Preparation

    We’ll take a look at the segment of business you wish to implement for e-commerce and devise a plan of action. Looking at your strengths and challenges, we’ll come up with a plan tailor-made for your business and it’s doable within a set time frame.

  • Implementation

    Once we finish the preparation phase, we begin implementing your e-commerce store, and filling it with your products or services you wish to sell. We’ll have a clear time-line of completion from the get go.

  • Reporting

    Watch the orders as they happen, while we walk you through the unique features we developed and how to handle the day to day tasks of administering your e-commerce store, while you continue to grow your business

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