Cyber Security

The act of safely hacking your own business, before someone else does it...100% Done For You

Every day dawns with a new headline regarding the latest cyber security breach. Hackers continue to steal millions of records and billions of dollars at an alarming frequency.

In a world where so much data communication taking place online, our data and sensitive information is constantly under threat. We store so much information on the network and often pay insufficient attention to putting in place effective security measures to protect it. If your company or network is targeted, the resulting IT security breach can be devastating, and could spell disaster for your entire organization.

Our proven real-world approach has been applied and refined throughout 100’s of security assessments, giving you the best possible security measures.

In order to execute cyber table tops (CTT), penetration testing, and protection from viruses and phishing attacks, We have partnered with world leaders in the cyber security space, such as FireEye, Astaro, F5, SonicWall and EdgeForce to name a few.

Our managed services can assure your web sites, networks, workstations, and IT infrastructures to be safe for hacking, intrusion, denial of service, and ransomware.

The processes, software tools, and talents we employee assures the best cyber protection and in accordance to the ISO27001/2 standards.

Cyber Security – SHAAIT

Cyber Security


Cyber Security Experts Testing Your Network for Vulnerabilities


What you would need is a team of good hackers (white hat hackers) to conduct simulated hacking scenarios on your IT infrastructure to discover cyber security vulnerabilities and exploits before bad hackers (black hat hackers) use them for their advantage.

Our team of dedicated and professional IT security engineers simulate controlled hacking attacks that malicious adversaries could use to compromise systems, infiltrate facilities, and steal sensitive data. Those attacks are designed to assess your security before an attacker does.

Penetration testing tools simulate real-world attack scenarios to discover and exploit security gaps that could lead to stolen records, compromised credentials, intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII), cardholder data, personal, protected health information, data ransom, or other harmful business outcomes.

Generally speaking, the biggest cause of security breaches come from the employees themselves, who are often unaware of the potential outcomes of simple actions. These include transferring information between home and work computers via USB sticks, using weak passwords to access restricted data and logging onto social media sites on a work computer.

We’ll start by capturing a section for your business, We’ll do a complete analysis of the IT security vulnerabilities and potential threats (wither it’s cyber or local), then we will design an IT and cyber security strategy tailored to meet your IT security goals.

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