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5 Tips to Harden Your Organization’s Information Security

There is always a serious threat on your sensitive information within your organization wither it’s on your local network or on the Internet. This threat can be dangerous for organizations or people that don’t have strong security policies or don’t know how to protect themselves from malicious software while online or on a network.

Your computer system is at risk if you don't follow a security policy

It would not be an exaggeration that strong security policies are considered to be the foundation of the organization. It is true that the relationship between information security policy and the organization that is being served is complicated. By developing information security policies is to protect the organization without creating any perimeter for the business. It prime function is to protect the company, brand name, intellectual property that can be managed only by maintain securities policies as the most effective ways.

It’s also important to note that most attacks are mostly made on E-Commerce stores (where the money is made) as hackers are very much interested in stealing your user’s data, contact details, addresses, and credit card details

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Here are the top 5 practical tips to harden your organization’s information security and deter cyber criminals.

1- Use a secure computer. Do not use a public computer to check your bank information or buy things on the Internet. Public or non-secure computers may have software installed to record everything you see and write using the keyboard. Do not use a public or open WiFi network because there is a risk that hackers could have access to your personal data. Use a trusted Internet connection of your home’s internet service provider, direct cell phone internet or the office’s Administered Internet.

2- Scan all your incoming email attachments for viruses before opening them, we recommend you don’t open email attachments from unknown sources, don’t click on links embedded, we recommend you use digital signature to send emails. This is a complex process and has many areas of cyber security, learn more about it in this post

3- Don’t Install unauthorized programs on your work computer. Malicious applications often pose as legitimate software. Contact your IT support staff to verify if an application may be installed and more importantly, there should be a security policy in office for any application install, we as cyber security experts have found a good solution for organizations to this problem learn more about it here.

4- keep your passwords confidential, make sure that your password strength is strong and change it regularly. Don’t share them with others or write them down. You are responsible for all activities associated with your credentials. Learn how to fortify your network security key here

5- Beware of fake communications. Banks, online stores or Social Media sites wont ask you for personal information on emails. Neither will they invite you to visit their website to authorize transactions or enter your bank data in pop-up windows. If you have doubts about a website, Make sure that site URL has an extra “S” for security due the data will be encrypted, it should start with “HTTPS” and the address bar will show a small lock icon.

So there you have it, 5 of the top practical tips, any organization need to consider for their security policies when they want to harden their organization’s security.

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5 Tips to Harden Your Organization’s Information Security
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  • Jason

    I only have used the first two points, I didn’t know about the other three you have mentioned. I’ll take them into consideration and integrate them into our daily office policies. Nice post


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