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Why You Need an E-Commerce Manager To Manage Your E-Commerce

Being a business manager, running a business, hiring and firing people. overseeing all operations. An E-commerce Manager should be assigned to someone else aside you to get optimum results.

E-commerce Managers typically oversee a company’s online sales. They are responsible for the image of the company and generating sales through the internet. They oversee a team of web and software developers who contribute to the look and systems of the store section of the website.

It’s also important to note that most attacks are mostly made on E-Commerce stores (where the money is made) as hackers are very much interested in stealing your user’s data, contact details, addresses, and credit card details

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You also must take the cyber security of your E-Commerce Store very seriously. As your customer’s information might be at risk. In addition, every minute your E-commerce store is down, you could be losing hundreds or even 1,000s of dollars on high trafficked websites (specially with paid traffic campaigns running). Learn the basics of  IT Security in This Post.

Day to Day Duties of the E-Commerce Manager:

  • Oversee a team of designers and marketers
  • Responsible for all online activities
  • Develop affiliate marketing programs
  • Create and maintain an online business plan
  • Staying up to date on software or data trends
  • Keep current knowledge of online trends
  • Updating website for new mobile or computer systems to appeal to current and future customers
  • Provide analytic reports of online sales
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC,CMS, Social Media, Email marketing.

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Most 7 Requirements of the E-Commerce Manager role:

  • Experience managing a team of people
  • Ability to critique and advise E-Commerce team
  • Digital marketing experience on previous projects.
  • In depth understanding of web design and web analytic software
  • Experience in marketing and technology
  • Ideally use of  Adobe Photoshop, IDesign, UX, Dreamweaver, Google Analytics
  • Knowledge of Bulk Editing, Multi-Attribution modelling, Bid Management across networks, A/B testing of adverts, Google adwords
  • Educated to degree level in Digital Marketing or any related field

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Why You Need an E-Commerce Manager To Manage Your E-Commerce
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